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Your Home Is Our Business

Let our conveyancing specialists make your dream move a reality.

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Why we do it

Specialist legal advice is a necessity

Buying or selling a property is a daunting task and we believe that you should not venture into it alone. We will be there for you every step of the way, making sure that nothing is overlooked and your interests are fully protected during the process.

Conveyancing should be affordable

High conveyancing fees often scare people off and lead to them doing the work themselves – which is possible, but not recommended. Our company wants you to be able to afford professional and trustworthy legal help.

Your relationship with your conveyancer should be personal

A conveyancing specialist is your first port of call whenever any problems arise during the process of buying or selling a house. Our approach is highly personal and we believe in assigning a qualified conveyancer to you in order to allow the two of you to work as a team.

Why us?


Sitt Conveyancing was established in Sittingbourne, Kent, in 2001 and over the years has morphed into a highly successful local business, trusted by countless residents and navigating the complexities of the housing market with an ever-increasing understanding of its pecularities.

You are our main priority

We are always striving to make you happy and provide the best possible service. Buying or selling a property should not be a stressful experience – it is an exciting time in every client’s life, marking new beginnings and unexplored horizons. You will be able to enjoy the process to the full once we take the most difficult work off your shoulders.

Our team

There are fifteen highly qualified conveyancing specialists working at Sitt Conveyancing at the moment – every one of them is an official member of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. We pride ourselves on our high standards and excellent customer service.

Value for money

Our legal advice is as trustworthy as it is affordable and we can promise you that we will go above and beyond to make the money that you spend on our services truly worthwhile. There are no hidden costs involved in our business, so you will be able to manage your finances in an efficient way if you choose us.


Why is it necessary to hire a conveyancer?

You can try and do all the legal work yourself, but the time that it takes up and the risks that are involved in choosing to do so are hardly ever worth it. Whether you are buying or selling a property, there are a lot of peculiarities within the process and many legal loopholes that can only be avoided by a qualified professional.

Why should I choose the services of a conveyancer rather than those of a solicitor?

A conveyancer specialises in property law, is less expensive to hire and can provide you with care and attention which you will not be able to get from a solicitor. At Sitt Conveyancing, our focus is always on our clients, while solicitors tend to get distracted by a large variety of other cases that they are managing simultaneously.

How much will your services cost me?

We determine the cost of our services in every individual case and base it on a variety of different elements. You will meet up with your appointed conveyancing specialist, discuss your situation and receive a preliminary contract with charges and a deposit clearly set out. We offer a free initial consultation, so that you are able to decide whether our services and our prices are right for you.


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